On Energy (english)

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The New World of Power
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Scaling up and scaling out of renewable energy – worldwide and in Switzerland

Paper/Speech at the Club of Rome Conference in Basel October 17./18. 2011

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Forecasts - can they be trusted?

First Speech at the Stavanger/Norway Electric Vehicles World Congress EVS24, May 14th 2009

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Elements of a future energy system

Second Speech at the Stavanger/Norway Electric Vehicles World Congress EVS24, May 15th 2009

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Wind power in Context - the new Energy Watch Group report

New Report Shows Wind Power Experiencing Exponential Growth
- Decade of 30 per cent year on year increase in MW-additions for wind sector
- Global wind power capacity set to double in next three years
- Growth rates indicate dominance of renewables by 2025
- IEA World Energy Outlook 2008 prediction of stagnation ‘blown’ out of water

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wind power in context - press conference speech London, January 9, 2009
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Wind power in context - Executive summary
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wind power in context - press release
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Wind study in the medias
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Renewable Energy and Efficiency: Path for prosperity

NUCLEAR NATIONAL DIALOGUE on The Atom, Society, and Security
President Hotel, Moscow, Russia, 18-19 April 2007
Speech at Green Cross International Congress in Moscow

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Renewable energy and storage: The Swiss case

- Characteristics of the Swiss electricity system
- New Production Trends – a brief outlook for the need of power management
- How to cope with variability
- Actual and future role of Swiss hydro storage in an open European electricity market

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Oil,conflicts and the role of Parliaments

7TH International Conference Slovenia 2006 4th of July, Ljubljana RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS AND KYOTO PROTOCOL FOR SOUTH-EAST EUROPE Oil Peak, International Conflicts And The Role Of Parliament

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Parliamentarians and the energy conflict

How to Create Majorities
in a Hostile Environment
Speech at the World Assembly on Renewable Energy at the
World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)
in Bonn, 27. November 2005

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wcre speech without Graphs