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Paper/Speech at the Club of Rome Conference in Basel October 17./18. 2011

First Speech at the Stavanger/Norway Electric Vehicles World Congress EVS24, May 14th 2009

Second Speech at the Stavanger/Norway Electric Vehicles World Congress EVS24, May 15th 2009

New Report Shows Wind Power Experiencing Exponential Growth

- Decade of 30 per cent year on year increase in MW-additions for wind sector

- Global wind power capacity set to double in next three years

- Growth rates indicate dominance of renewables by 2025

- IEA World Energy Outlook 2008 prediction of stagnation ‘blown’ out of water

NUCLEAR NATIONAL DIALOGUE on The Atom, Society, and Security

President Hotel, Moscow, Russia, 18-19 April 2007

Speech at Green Cross International Congress in Moscow

- Characteristics of the Swiss electricity system

- New Production Trends – a brief outlook for the need of power management

- How to cope with variability

- Actual and future role of Swiss hydro storage in an open European electricity market

7TH International Conference Slovenia 2006 4th of July, Ljubljana RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS AND KYOTO PROTOCOL FOR SOUTH-EAST EUROPE Oil Peak, International Conflicts And The Role Of Parliament

How to Create Majorities
in a Hostile Environment
Speech at the World Assembly on Renewable Energy at the
World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)
in Bonn, 27. November 2005

Peak Oil: What Politics can do

This paper discusses the shrinking supply of fossil fuels and the availability of alternative energies such as wind and solar power.

The role of nuclear power and hydrogen is critically discussed.

the paper ends with an analysis of the role of renewables in the mobility sector of the future.

Petroleum and Violent Conflicts:
Strategies for Industrialized Countries